MassageAt Sarahnpidity Salon, our massage experts provide comprehensive and personalized full body massage treatments. We regularly provide solutions for overuse injuries, chronic neck and back pain, postural distortions, sports injuries and the cumulative effects of stress. We offer a wide range of massage services for our customers with the latest techniques and high quality products.


A regular massage program promotes the release of all physical and psychological tensions. This in turn allows a regulated balance of energy to flow through the body, draining toxic buildup and ensuring a constant supply of energy to your system.

Massage has the potential to replenish an individual physically, mentally and spiritually. Call us today at 541-500-1229 for any of our various relaxing massages.

MassageSwedish Massage
This type of massage includes a variety of techniques including broad strokes, kneading, rolling, vibration, percussive, and tapping movements. These movements are applied with oil to reduce friction on the skin. Swedish massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation, removes metabolic waste products and stimulates the skin and nervous system.

Lomilomi Massage
This is a typical Hawaiian massage that is traditionally just called “lomi.” In Hawaiian is means “to rub, press, squeeze and massage working in and out as the claws of a contented cat.” Lomi massage is much more than a simple massage. It is a long-time and honored holistic healing tradition.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger points refer to trigger knots or muscle knots that can develop anywhere in our bodies. The idea behind trigger points is that unexplained pain can diffuse from their point of origin and cause soreness in other areas. Trigger point massage helps ease overall aches by focusing on specific muscles.

This type of massage is based on an ancient Chinese therapy involving the manipulation of specific reflex areas of the foot, which correspond to other parts and organs of the body. This form of bodywork involves the application of pressure to reflex points to stimulate body organs and relieve areas of congestion. Reflexology is meant to work with your body’s energy flow to reduce pain, increase relaxation, and stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic fluids.

Sports / Medical Massage
Sports Massage (also known as manual therapy) focuses primarily on treating physical symptoms. It concentrates on the neuromusculoskeletal system to treat pain and other physical impairments. Medical massage typically includes a lot of kneading and muscle manipulation. It also helps joint movement via joint manipulation.

Hot Stone Massage
As the name indicates, smooth, flat and heated rocks are placed on specific points on the body such as the back, hands, etc. Other stones are used by the massage therapist to work muscles.

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage uses specific techniques aimed to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy. It also helps enhance the physiological and emotional well being of mother and fetus. These massages are the safest method of relief for common pregnancy complaints including: fatigue, headaches, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and tension, swelling of extremities, mood swings, etc. It can also increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress on weight bearing joints.


Swedish Massage
This popular treatment combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots, called adhesions. It is designed to stimulate your body systems to increase circulation and lymph drainage as well as assist with better digestion and sleep patterns while promoting a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Deep Tissue
This form of massage is not, despite popular belief, the same as a Swedish Massage, only with deeper pressure. This modality deals specifically with the deeper muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments of the body. This treatment more closely resembles Physical Therapy. The therapist will work in the deepest muscle fibers using Active and Passive motion as well as static pressure and muscle stripping techniques. This form of massage is great for relieving chronic pain, releasing muscles that are “locked” short or long, releasing toxins from muscle fibers, improving gait issues and athletic performance, resolving over compensations due to injuries or surgeries, increasing range of motion and improving mobility in the joints. It is often combined with Swedish massage techniques.

*This treatment is not advised for first time massage clients. Please indulge in a Swedish Massage to better understand how your body responds to muscle manipulations before booking a Deep Tissue session.

AromaTouch® Therapy
The true beauty of this treatment is how deeply relaxing and invigorating it is to the body as a whole. AromaTouch is clinical application of essential oils, used to stimulate and support the Central Nervous System which acts as the Captain of our bodies. In our deepest and most restful sleep is where our bodies repair themselves and make themselves stronger. We are all too often rushing through our days and lives and rarely take time to rest and rejuvenate as the body was meant to do. The specific use and application of the essential oils is designed to first address stress and anxiety that we all encounter daily in our work, responsibilities and relationships. It then helps to fight the toxic insult we endure every day through free radicals, chemicals in our foods and various toiletries. By supporting the immune system, our bodies are better able to handle everyday exposures. Lastly, it will help to reduce chronic inflammation and pain that resides in our tissues and joints. This treatment will allow you to relax, restore and rejuvenate in a safe and supportive environment while enjoying the wonderfully therapeutic aromas of Certified Pure DoTerra oils.

*Please drink plenty of water the day prior to your session