Balmain Hair Extensions

?Balmain HairAt Sarahndipity Salon, we believe a regular hair care regimen is very important for maintaining healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. Hair with extensions needs a little extra nourishment. The range of hair care products from Balmain is specifically developed to account for the extra nourishment required to keep hair in perfect condition.

Woman With Curled Hair ExtensionsBalmain’s amazing new aftercare range includes shampoo, shine spray, conditioner and hair mask. The 5-minute hair mask treatment can be used on a weekly basis to strengthen hair. It will also add shine, bounce and vitality! Their shine spray adds a radiant shine while protecting hair from dryness and preventing split-ends. At Sarahndipity Salon we only use quality hair care products to ensure you look beautiful at all times. We recommend clients with hair extensions to use the Balmain extension brush. It is specially designed to help protect and beautify hair extensions.

In addition to using and selling their products, we also offer Balmain hair extension procedures including daily, semi-permanent and permanent extensions. You can choose from both 100% human hair or artificial hair for your extensions. We also customize the color, length, and volume to be exactly what each client is dreaming of.